The missing Spielman

Just your typical Hungarian, Polish Jew trying to find himself.

Being quirky is not always easy.

One of the greatest struggles I have had in my lifetime has always been times of feeling abandoned and alone. So sometimes I realize just how lucky I am to have Maggy as my wife. Not only does she enjoy many of the same things that I like, such as auto racing, but she understands me better then most people do. I am rather odd and quirky. I have always known this and while I have usually enjoyed being different there have been times when it really embarrasses me. Sadly I believe it has cost me the ability to make more friends over the years as my oddness may come across as being aloof.

I was reminded of this at a store the other day when Maggy and I were at the checkout goofing around and the clerk asked if I was an engineer. I guess we share certain personality traits as I do have a degree in manufacturing engineering. The clerk said she was married to an engineer which was how she knew I was also one.

Since I have been fortunate enough to finally get to know my bloodline I wonder how much of this might be an inherited trait. Other male ancestors of mine were mechanics and/or engineers. A few remained single until their deaths and were never married. I would guess that maybe they were not as fortunate as I was in finding the perfect mate and best friend. Thank you Maggy for always being there for me. I would be so lonely without you. 

And to all of you who have continued to be my friend I want to say THANK YOU! You all mean much more to me then I probably ever properly express. I may not have a Facebook friends list in the hundreds or even thousands but those on my list are all people I consider to be my true friends and family.